Thursday, July 31, 2008

excellent job guys

wow, its good to have our own blog like this.
i am glad that alia manage to came up with this blog.
so, i hope that we all can share story or information here
sarangheyo (^-^)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

a BIG BIG leap!

it was FUN today wasn't it? the classes we had with Assoc. Prof. Dr Bernadette in the morning and afternoon was an epiphany for me; with full EMOTIONS...i thought ain was so funny in the morning (all the batman, superman...haha) and in the other class in the afternoon, she was brilliantly delivering a riddle, it was so fantastic, marvellous, and entertaining...(that were the thing that played in my mind at the moment!) , and she did won a prize from Dr Bern for that!!

I've only got the chance to get online to blog now( I never blog before in my entire life before), since there were so many activities to get into such as the parade (not like the Macy's Day Parade..haha) at the stadium located at the main campus, we were the first contingent to begin marching all the way across the stadium...that was also a new experience for i guess it's kind a weird at first (this blog thing), i'm sort of a computer geek (if that's the right word to describe it, or nerd) no, don't use harsh words, as Dr Bern told the class about the use of the word 'damn' in your daily lives...

so many to write, yet so little time...well, this is a big leap for me,since it is a new thing,...
well, it's almost time for the "pusat it' to be closed, so, till next time, tata!!!

eNgLish,tHe weiRdo...

"what happen if the cat barks and the dog meows?"

"if pretty,prettier,prettiest,
why not good,gooder,goodest?"

"if the plural of foot is feet,
why not wood is weed?"

bus stand,bus stood?"

"if sailor sail,
did tailor tail?"

"nobody wants to be a bat,neither a batman"

"if i put my hand out to hand in the handout,where is my hand now?
answer = ???? "

"you don't need a ship to have a friend,
but you need a friend to make a ship "

"it's weird but that is how English goes "

thanks to all my creative friends in group a for giving me materials to share with others in this blog...mmmuah,thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! widow.......

Monday, July 28, 2008


just passing by 2 say hello LG members ----------------"--{@

leeya LG1A =D

Sunday, July 27, 2008

these are my friends during asasi Tesl....i miss them so much...

but it's okay.... i am proud to have you all from LGB 1A in Puncak are all my incentive friends! well, I am not an impeccable me the right path to fetch up the EPC aims.

Dear EPC friends (especially LGB 1A),

do help each other to deduce ourselves. Let's just exert our knowledge power to make something happen so that we can assimilate our new course here! English For Professional Communication....


Campus Life- it's a honeymoon!

i have forgotten something...
it is me.....NINIE.... :-)

Campus Life- it's a honeymoon!

I am so proud to stand here as a Puncak Perdana student. Well, this statement WAS not from the bottom of my heart...honestly. But now, it is! It has changed! i love Puncak.... (without comparing it with my beloved campus, UiTM is the best anyway!). Whenever we are in, we need to be grateful to God since we are still alive....and able to breath peacefully on the top of Perdana Height. The air is purely clean, and ready to be inhaled by the people...(I am not saying it sincerely! The fogging session make me feel like dying you know!!!)

He3...back to the point! It is popular belief that it is great to be young. My older friends keep reminding me that this is the best time of my life. They urge me to enjoy what they describe as my ‘honeymoon’ days. I can think of several reasons why people consider campus life as the best time of our lives.

To start with, we have a lot of friends in our campus. It is hard to be lonely when we are surrounded by so many people. There is always someone to do things with, such as studying, doing assignment, playing games and outing as well. I suppose this situation of having company all the time will not happen again when we have graduated.

Furthermore, I find my life here is not restrictive; comparing to my previous schooldays. There are not too many rules to follow. I am sorry to say this; I am not an obedient person but I manage to survive in a campus peacefully. We can say that students have a major problem with punctuality. We will discover that some lecturers are too authoritative. But in my schooldays, the rules are strictly followed and surely I got into trouble often.

The next pleasure is undergraduates have only a few responsibilities. All our needs are guaranteed by our loans or scholarships. There is delicious food provided in three dining halls, daily credits of dining card and even some luxuries like washing machines.

To our lucky, here, some lectures spoil us with notes and we do not even have to think very hard as they are so anxious to help us pass our examination.

In spite of all this, I am not sure my campus life is the best days of my world. I am not that happy and I think you can guess of a main reason for my unhappiness.

The only reason is, I hate stress of doing assignments and having tests. There are too many of them in the Malaysian education system. We ourselves have already been through a mountain of tasks and will seat for another final examination at the end of the semester. Moreover, some of us have weekly tests and homework. Therefore, campus life brings tiredness itself.

I hope that the best time of my life is yet to come. I think the best moment will be when I have gone through all the semesters. Frankly speaking, it is unnecessary to work and be financially independent while we are still studying. Let our parents or PTPTN to look after us. Only then will we have the special part of our life. Cool….I love Puncak! (actually I miss Melaka much!)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

i love my job! =)

being a student is really enjoyable!eventhough sometimes i wish i didnt have to go to university, i realise that it is fun to learn new things and meet different people from different walks of life. i have to admit that i'm too sheltered. my parents are protective especially my dad but they didnt spoil me. i know what i should do and what i should not do. sometimes i feel that he is over protective but i dont mind that. i feel secured. now that i am living in puncak perdana, i have to adapt with my surroundings and most of all, learn how to go somewhere by bus. here, in PP i learn how to be be strong.. and to be responsible.i face the hardship and i feel very grateful for the experiences! in PP, my friends play the biggest role..i also have my TESL friends here. everything is great! i have learned something and i appreciate it. thanks to my parents for being the best one!


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Relax yet a Hectic Week!

Tomorrow I don't have any classes!! Madam Zarina and my Sensei Mariam cancelled our class. Unfortunately, I have already put my name in the perbarisan team to represent APB contingent tomorrow's night. So, I can't go back home this afternoon. So, I thought of going back Saturday morning and get back here at Puncak Sunday morning as my class and another class need to watch a play with Mr Alfred somewhere in KL. This is really sad! I joined volleyball team also to represent APB but to make things worst, I already left this volleyball thingy for almost 7 years. So, my hands got swollen and hurt me a lot especially at my knuckles. I thought of quitting the team because of my hands but I don't have the courage to speak up. Just like my best friend always told me..that I am too afraid to stand for my own right! I agree with her. I wish she was here with me at puncak! I have a new roommate too! Her name is Aimi. So TALL!! and it feel a little bit odd for me as I already spent my 3 weeks here at puncak without any roommate and conquering the room alone. I now need to kongsi my so called office with her. I hope I could cope with her well but honestly I miss my old roommate-Saki~~ Gd luck there!


yes sir!!!

hi everyone!!!!!!this is the first time i ever blog...the reason i'm choosing green colour as green is my family's theme colour on my brother's wedding day......that's why i'm not around during the induction programme..
my brother,kapten dr muzammil is marrying a cheras girl named dr wafaak.both are ex-usm medical student and believe me she is my brother's first love..kind of senior and junior stuff..they were 'akad nikah' on 12 july and i wasn't around.. :( i was crying that morning..someone has taken my brother away...but then i realised,someone is going to take me away too..hope so...
on the 19 of july,i skipped the induction programme just to be with he only has 2 sisters,so he decided to take us from our place,my sister from uniten bangi and me from puncak was a tiring evening for him as he needed to settle many things but he managed to pick us,just to ensure that we are around during his 'kenduri'...
the feast started around 11 o' that time,only the relatives and his close friends were allowed to be in the hall..before i forgot,the ceremony was held at dewan merak, is my mother's work place..
most of the guests arrived around 12 noon..
then at 1.30,the real ceremony began..the bride and the bridegroom,in their white dress,walking into the hall..they were accompanied by two bagpipe players and 6 members from the military team...the couple also did a routine which always being done when you marry an army called 'berjalan di bawah pedang'...this is the most beautiful wedding i've ever seen..everyone stooped eating and the surrounding is very quiet as every eyes were looking at the couple..
the feast ended around 5.00 pm...
i fell glad that i can share this with all my friends out there...

sir,i'm reporting out sir!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

nice blog

language make us 'etiquette'.......

from mr hafiz


honestly i am not too interested in this blog but because our lecturer wanted me to join so i had no choice..maybe this is one of the good way for us to improve our skills in english. i am sorry if my writing is quit boring because i have no idea right now. however i will try to play my role in this blog as good as possible.

hello guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hello folks!
here im goin to share my experience in puncak perdana!
my first week here is house mates do helped me a lot..
apis,lat,piki,shuk lala,arik,dino and syazwan were my greatest friend here..
we love to play street soccer in the movies together...and every weekend..
we loves karaoke!! yeah!!

thats to write next time!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Between APB's Induction and The Malaysia International Landscape & Garden Festival~~

What a hectic weekend!! who said that the induction is boring? haha..well actually it's me who said that. but that was before i came and experienced the fun..hehe..

we'd done lots of activities AND the most torturing one is definitely THE explorace. searching for the exco's that we dont know their faces was VERY confusing and exhausting..

i enjoyed the cultural night the most. looking at other group doing their tasks was very tiring as i was laughing all the time non stop! most of the performances were hilarious :)

this is hussein's n ida's band!

believe it or not, nini sang too!! this group had influenced the whole floor to dance!! n believe me, the upper dining did look like a wild party :)

i was in the same group as kak fizah and our group danced Mawi n m nasir song..haha..i'm an awful dancer, so i just enjoyed myself doing weird dancing steps~~lalala

i just want to say that~guys, u've missed out a lot of fun for not coming!

while we were all waiting for the dean to arrive, at the closing ceremony on Sunday, I got a call from my father. yeay!! he said that he's going to take me home :) means that i can do my laundry at home..alhamdulillah. i felt so tired to think about all the clothes.

hehe.. my father actually brought us to the Garden festival in KL! ~WICKED~

this sculpture is unique as well as scary. the dress is made from real flowers and leaves

hmm I dont feel that i'v had a weekend at all. my body is really tired and i just got back to puncak perdana at 7.45 a.m. on monday. we've to submit the critical thinking 1st asgnment too. haha..abah said our home is not that far and I could just stay at home and travel to puncak everyday for class.. but i prefer not.

to everyone, goodluck for the Interfaculti Sports (SAF) and happy marching!! :)

~alia nadhirah~

Friday, July 18, 2008

Life is Certainly Colourful . . .

mOsHI MoShI! HajImEmaShitE!
There is nothing more beautiful than the colours of life. Sometimes life could be so bright and shiny like the colour yellow, and sometimes there would be times when life can be so dark and shadowy like the colour grey. But trust me guys . . . no matter what kind of experience you encounter - it's the colour you choose that shapes what you are today . . .
(I'm kind of nervous actually, that's why I wrote this!) Hei. . . i'ts not funny, I'm dead serious about this . . . No really, I mean it, I'm not joking! I'm nervous about everything - about entering this new unfamiliar course, about going through this Bachelor in EPC, about making new friends, OH, and even the thought of ME becoming a young lady is also so 'gile' frightening!
However, It's been 2 weeks now since class started and I guess the vibration inside my heart is slowly decreasing(hei, I don't mean that I'm dying OK!)
I've got great-full-of-experienced lecturers and their all so sporting! My one and only hope is that I would do my very best in this course and INSYA'ALLAH, get a Deans list for every COLOURFUL semester!
To all my friends - GaMBaTtE kUdaSaI!
-Nur Fatima Wahida Mohd Nasir-


I do not know what to write,but i'm very happy actually to be here in puncak perdana. M y housemates is very friendly.Illy is a chatterbox and she is very happy go lucky person.She make our house life.I think this is a first experience that i want to share with u.


My Asasi TESL friends! IMY!

Am I making a mistake my entering this course-English as Professional Communication(EPC)?
Still..I'm wandering where is my passion at?
Maybe BOTH?
But..I have made my desicion by entering EPC.
The least thing that I can do is to do my BEST and get the best result that I can.
Gd Luck to Everyone in LG220!!

p/s: I miss Melaka so much!

By: Fatin 'Izzati

A new beginning

yes. a whole new chapter has begun in my life. for me, everything is happening too fast. it seems like only yesterday i learnt how to make friends on the first day at school. it's hard to believe that i'm now a degree student. humans do grow up.
most of the knowledge people gained are from their experience..and i believe that i have so many things to learn in life... i really hope that epc will help to bring out the best in me.
i love to write..but there are tonnes of work to be done. till then. tata~
p/s: to all my friends, happy blogging :)
~alia nadhirah~