Saturday, January 24, 2009

in memory...

one day, after my paksu came back home from market, there was a cute little cat following him.the cat had stripes with three colours, brown, black and white.she was very good.the moment she was here, she didn't mess up in my house.everytime she needed to do her 'thing' she would go outside and find a sandy, she was very small. then, i decided to call her "Lang". she didn't really recognize me but she is my aunt's best friend. as she is staying alone in the house, Lang existence made her feel safer. she wanted to eat every two hours. when i am around, she would ask for more. eventhough she loved to bite my hand, but it was just a 'manja' kind of bite..not hurt at all.everybody loves her. then,i left her for four weeks as i need to go back to campus. one night, i received a call from my aunt telling me that she was very sick.and i was crying for the whole night as i'm afraid i might not have the chance to see her for the last time.when i came back for the mid-term break,the first thing i did was looking for her.i could see she was sleeping on her favourite cushion, lying there a very thin and sick creature.her eyes look so pale..unfortunately,that day was my cousin's we have to be there all the time and we had to leave her alone in the house.when we came back,she was missing.we had been searching for her but still couldn't find her.then,i saw her at her favourite spot when she was first time here.i brought her back and gave her drink.she was very thirsty.that night, my aunt said that she might not going to make until tomorrow.then my aunt told me that she had miscarriage before.blood came out for three days and for almost a week,she ate nothing.then, i let her sleep on my favourite 'kain batik' and i brought her to sleep with me..then,at 4 o'clock she screamed so loud.i was surprised.then,my aunt told me that she has already gone.she cried before she died.i was crying for the whole morning.i hold both of her hand and i feel i'm not ready to let her go.but she's already gone.this morning, i buried two aunts helped me.we wrapped her in a white cloth and covered her with a small 'papan'.then, we put her in the 'liang' we made for her.i was crying throughout the 'thing'.i couldn't hold my tears back she loved to play with my niece..

this is the picture of her a day before she died..she was very thin..

and this is the picture right after she died..what can i say..i'm still crying when i publish this post,,

Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!!

salam...i'm going home today. It's hard to believe actually that we have reached the semester break for this semester. I feel like i only came to puncak perdana yesterday. I also believe that i will going to face a very tough semester after this semester break. This is because we, LG students and students from every courses will get zillions of assignments after this semester break. But don't worry my friends, as long as we follow what the lecturers say and manage our time wisely, insyaallah we can do it. I also hope that we will help each other in this course because it's hard to success if we do not work together. For PerFact's members, we will go to many schools this coming february,so it's better for us to get ready in terms of physical and mental because this is our first time to do this program. I hope that we can do it successfully. Insyaallah..