Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Hai...i just want to share something with you guys. As we all know, sharing is caring right?haha.. Last friday at 4 p.m i went to see my friends which i have never seen them for a long time. i really miss them. they are studying at uitm shah alam same as me, but i never have the opportunity to see them. that is why i am so happy when i have the opportunity to see them this time. when i saw them, i was very surprised because they have changed a lot especially from their physical site, haha..but what makes me proud to have them as my friends is they are still "my best friend" which i knew before. although they have changed physically, their internal site still same. i mean they still remember their old friends and always give advices to each other. this is we called true friend that hard to find nowadays. i hope our relationship is never lasting and i also hope that i can find new true friends as much as i can.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

stressful and sleepy day

u know how it's going to be in dr dina's class every wednsday rite? i've never met any energetic and cute lecturer like her, talking 4 hours even more without commercial break. can u imagine that?very fortunate to have lect like her.but i am still can enjoy her class with joke that she told.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


This semester will change our life as we are staying and studying in new place, new environment and new situation. I also have a very new experience because this semester i am a non resident and stay in rent house. We have to be passion and control ourself when we are staying with our friends in a rent house because staying in rent house is a very challenging life. This is very different from college life becuase we still have "tok pengetua" who has the responsibility to take care of us and we also have "pak guard" who can make sure our safety. In rent house we have to take care of ourself on our own. one more thing that we have to take serious is about friendship. This is a very important matter as we will live with our friends until the semester end or until we graduate. Anything can happen and this will a tough challenge for us as a student. For me, what we should do is just focus on our objective for being here in uitm and whatever happen in our life we have to trust ourself because that is our strength.

Friday, July 10, 2009

news update

to all students from LGB3A, for dr hawa's class, we will watch the movie God must be crazy 2 at auditorium in apb at 930 on monday.please bring the materials to make some notes. please tell the others.tq.
lat@fivercore@mat silambam

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A T T E N T I O N !!!

Calling all LG220 students from near and far, please feel free to join our newly established friendster group (UiTM, ENGLISH FOR PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION).

For details and more information, eager ones are welcomed to contact nurhanis through this url
-------> http://profiles.friendster.com/nurhanisbasr

(p/s: terms and conditions apply....)