Wednesday, June 24, 2009


LGB3A's timetable so far (excluding the venue and lecturers in-charge)
Class will commence on 6th July 2009 (as stated in the academic calendar)


8.30 – 10.20

10.30 – 12.20

2.10 – 4.00



( cross-cultural interaction )


( principles & practice of marketing )



( professional communication )



( pragmatics in business and professional setting )


( mandarin language III )



( web-enabled multimedia e-language production )



( principles & practice of marketing )


( Islamic and Asian civilization )

Thursday, June 18, 2009

An announcement

this is little alia speaking..

attention to all students of english for professional communication (EPC) who own a blog (regardless of your semester), please give your blog address to me so that i can link your blog to our epc blog :)

for the rest of you who have not created a blog, be a sport and join the club! hehe..

~alia the blogspot promoter~..haha

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The waiting is finally over!

As we all have known to this moment, the exam results of last semester are finally revealed.

Who are the top scorers?
Are the same faces from the first semester able to maintain their cgpa, or are there new faces coming to the list?

Honestly, I think that there will be new DL achievers. Why? Looking at the previous exam results, there were a lot of students in the group of gpa with 3.oo-3.49. So, there's definitely a big chance that they would conquer the top spot with the others.

Now, I'm looking forward to our semester in the big campus - more action, drama and challenges of course!!!

(p/s: can't help to notice the new 'look' of our blog. Fantastic! Finally it turns over a new leaf, indicating a year of its presence and also the time we're together in this course. Let us cherish the moment and I hope, no more or lesser squabbling or misunderstanding or even making 'poker faces' among us, if you guys know what I mean! - though those things did not happen directly................)

See you all next month!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


If you could have any superpowers, what would it be? Mine would definitely be the power to bring the dead back alive. I have been actively twittering during this long holiday and a few days ago, Crap Superpowers was on top of the trending topics ( stuffs that are most twitted about). The topic Crap Superpowers here refers to the power that people don't usually want, or sound stupid and sometimes don't make any sense. That's pretty much the idea of Crap Superpowers. Here I would like to share with all of you Applets on some of the idea those twitter people had on Crap Superpowers.

  • The ability to cheat on tests which you already know the answers too.
  • The ability to see dumb people.
  • The ability to read Ronaldo's (Christiano Ronaldo) pay slip without crying.
  • The ability to turn nouns into verbs.
  • The ability to believe your own lies.
  • The ability to create awkward silence.
  • The ability to be invincible when no one is watching.
  • Being able to see the dark... only the dark (technically, go BLIND).
  • The ability to detect iPhone 3g in 2km radius.
Well, that's basically some of the crazy idea that the Twitter community had on Crap Superpowers. What about you guys?

P/s: Try guess from what comic book the superheroes on the picture display.

Post to you by : Bandit Lee Way godmother.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Hope it's not too late for me in wishing you a happy happy happy and a million more happy birthday to you,'re a big big girl now.....may god bless you and the rest of us too!!! Enjoy your birthday, and the vacation.....


holiday, HOLIDAY, holiday....!!!

Yee-haw! It's that time again which comes at the very end of every semester - HOLIDAY! Which also means, no more soporific atmosphere; no more yenta gossiping here and there about hot news or even cold ones! Interesting how life seems to be, doesn't it? Well, if you ask me, im tired as well as happy like a little child getting a sweet lollipop. Tired because in the first month of this holiday term, I went to three different houses. Why? Going to my older sisters' houses and my brother's too in order to look after their children for a while, I was a NANNY for a month, without a fixed salary of course! haha..doesn't matter.. (considering that I don't have other things to do at the moment before heading back home, so why not? this opportunity does not come by too often..although my brother did ask, "Hey, don't you have assignments to be completed or something?", I simply replied to him, "Nop, free as a butterfly, got nothing to do since it's holiday and just finished the excruciating exam - okay okay, not THAT excruciating, but it's tough when one needs to torture the mind for a while to squeeze all the relevant juicy memories to answer the questions served in front...

On the other hand, HAPPY, because I got the chance to see my cute nephews and nieces, hugging them, kissing their chubby cheeks, and making them laugh..Oh, that's heaven..don't you just love watching babies and toddlers smiling and giggling funnily? it sure did make me happy since I've had my first nephew, also the first grandchild for my family when I was only in Standard 4 in primary school. That made me an aunt in such a young age, but it's regular, not only now, because it's not really a rare thing..

To date, im at home, here in the east coast, euphorically sitting in my cosy bed, typing this post to be posted in several minutes time.....=) ..Need the practice anyway, if not, the typing might get rusty, who knows???

gtg, it's getting late now, need to get some sleep.......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Monday, June 1, 2009

i'm feeling a lil' cheeky today =)

a picture tells a thousand words. i've 6 pictures u may interpret them as u wish :)