Wednesday, August 26, 2009

little motivation...

Today is a new day,
Don't look back if it hurt you,
If today is a bad day,
Try to make it better tomorrow...
If we look back,today will be yesterday,
and tomorrow will be today,
And the days that we had gone through
is actually teach us to be more matured in our life...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak......

After watching the announcement on tv just now, it is confirmed that Saturday will be the first day that we all will be fasting.
the month that everyone's waiting for, the holy month, where we can multiply our ibadah and hopefully, gain forgiveness from Allah.....

So, happy fasting everyone, and may Ramadhan this time will bring more joy and happiness to us!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

R for?

i'm just wondering..R for what?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fire Rainbow

Fire rainbow or in a more accurate term, circumhorizon arc, is basically an ice halo formed by ice crystals located very high, in the cirrus clouds. It is one of totally awesome natural phenomena that you probably didn't know about. This huge flamboyant lovely display of colors is really not as rare as you might think, and how often it appears depends mostly on location, and especially latitude. For example, in the US it can be seen several times a summer in each year in the same place, but in Central or Northern Europe it’s very rare and not in any non four seasoned countries such as Malaysia. Of course, this rainbow is not formed the way ‘classic’ rainbows are formed. Light passes through the hexagonal ice crystals via a vertical side and leaves through the nearest horizontal bottom face. If there alignment is just right, it makes the whole cloud shine rainbow-colored.

Brought to you by : Miss Green is the new black nowadays. So let us all go Green then.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Everyone, meet N!xau

Looks familiar? Yup, he is our lovable, the one and only, Xixo the Bushman from The Gods must be crazy (TGMBC) film and its following sequels. Here are some interesting trivia of him.
  • His real name is N!xau (Hah, try to pronounce that!). Lifespan: 1944-2003 (sadly, died at the 'green' age of 58)
  • Before his appearance in the films he had little experience of typical "modern" living.
  • He had only ever seen three white people before being cast and was unaware of the value of paper money.
  • He earned only a few hundred dollars for his work in TGMBC, but by the time of the first sequel he had obtained enough understanding of money to negotiate a much larger sum to appear again.
  • He had wasted most of his money that he earned due lack of knowledge in managing it, although he used some of it to build a brick house with running water and electricity for his family.
  • After his film career ended, Nǃxau returned to Namibia, where he farmed corn, pumpkins, and beans and kept several head of cattle.
  • N!xau had difficulty counting more than 20 (he probably then never heard of the word Algebra which it is an Algae + Bra. Lol).
  • He was buried next to his second wife grave (I guess the Bushman is a polygamy community. Talking bout collectivism).
Wow! looks like Xixo is the real thing after all. No wonder he looks comfortable in his own skins.

Brought to you by: The Twilight Seducer

open your mind...

today's cross culturer's class was held in apb at the meeting room. it was a very relax condition and i think most of my classmates were very enjoy during the lecture time including me until some of us fell asleep because of the soporific condition. what i am going to tell you is about what our lecturer has said this afternoon. i admit that what she said sometime touching our feelings, but believe me guys. everything she said is for our benefit and our future. from my point of view, she has makes me think deeply every time she enter the class and start her lecture. although certain thing that she said was touching our feeling but that is the reality which some of us difficult to accept. she talks a lot about malay and what she said has opened the mind for those who really think about it. sometimes, i do not think what she said at that moment but i think about it at night before i sleep. then i realise what she has said is true and should be realise of malay students especially. as a malay student, i should think about what will happen in the future in every aspect and every angle so that i can help my self, my race, my religion and of coures my beloved country.insyaallah...