Thursday, February 26, 2009

salam!! (^_~)

salam everyone!!!its me, hasinah...first and foremost, once again, I'M SORRY...
second of all, THANK YOU...
and the third thing is I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH...

well,after this i'm going to take a good care of my mouth (actually i still have the feeling of guilty in me)..hope all of you can help me fix lat i'm sorry for everything...and my final words, lets all LGB2A strive together and have fun!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

What a DAY!

hello everyone!
this is alia, your little sister speaking :)

yeah, yesterday has been a very hectic day for us. with a crisis here and there..what to do..this is life and life wouldn't be so much beautiful without colours. no matter the colour is bright or dull, it helps to paint our life. making our life colourful.
i need to tell you that our booth at menara was sooo hot yesterday. i mean hot! there were too many people and the place was so crowded.

even dr. chai can't stand the heat (dr chai has migrain). so, she put the responsibility to handle the booth on our shoulders (there were 7 people there on duty ~nini,kuzi,hafiz,me, n 3 bm seniors)

in all, it was a great experience being there!

my highest gratitude to these wonderful people~

mr hafiz
thank you for accompanying us despite of all the challenges!
we were touched :')
(but after this u have to come to all dr param's classes yeah :D)

to miss hasinah n kak ita,
i love you!
thanks 4 coming yesterday.
hope we will finish our forum successfully on thursday. :)

to miss nini,
the booth would be so much dull without it.
and sorry i didn't help you out..i really want to help
i promise that i'll try my best not to go home so often k :) huhu..

and a very special dedication to lat,

thank you so much for being a very responsible captain to us
i know sometimes you feel burdened carrying this job
but remember, you can always delegate your tasks to us and we will help you willingly.
plus, you definitely can improve your communication skills as you are always arranging plans with the lecturer :)

and also to all my brothers and sisters, lets finish our assignments fast so that we can go out and have fun together!!

one thing for sure, i am happy to be a part of lgb2a and i really hope that our friendship will sail forever :)

(i'm feeling extra happy because i have just got an sms telling that dr krish's class this afternoon is cancelled..hooray!~)

It's been a LONG time...

it's been a long time since i've posted any entries of mine in this blog. Laziness, distraction by other things, are only two of the reasons that i could think of at the moment....but, i'll try to be consistent...(n_n)...but, now, i'm feeling pretty nervous, know why? it's because tomorrow will be my turn - together with kak hanis and unknown part five student, Md. Iman Wan - to be in-charge at the booth of APB with other colleagues. previously, i've asked nini about her three-hours-experience there since her turn with alia and kuzi was in the afternoon - from the way she briely described it, i guess it would not be that bad..huhh...maybe it would be a fun activity; talking, communicating and meeting new characters in an attempt to create connections between them and us...

Special dedication to dearest Hasinah...
Hasinah, please cheer up, okay? i was stunned and sad seeing you like that... there's nothing wrong, you've done nothing wrong and things are just doing great, we all did the same thing (all mixed up and confused at that time) so, please don't put the blame on yourself...we were all shocked - we all thought that you were going to announce something...don't put on that cloudy face, get rid of it and please be just as cheerful as you really are, okay?

i guess i've got nothing more to say..(i feel as if im just writing 'nothing' here, don't you think? sort of plain piece of paragraph...?)well, before putting an end to this blog, i want to say i really LOVE you guys; all of you; each and everyone of you and on behalf of the rest of the class, "thank you, Latfi"'ve been a really good 'ketua kelas' for the previous semester and at the moment...

till then, keep smiling, ok??
and remember, laughter is still the best medicine for our health!



what a messy day!that's what i can say..some small conflict had is rarely happen in our class b4..but it's ok because we finally managed to solve this unexpected problem..but i felt little bit quilty bcoz i was the one who made one of my classmate suffered,if i can say..sory very much to that person..i have no intention to do so..captain tsubasa:-)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The True Face of Frank Abagnale!!

I was curious one day about what the famous American conman Frank Abagnale looks like. Is he as attractive as Leonardo de Caprio that play as him in Catch Me If You Can? Sometimes its amazed me on things that you can find in the internet. So anyway, ladies and gentleman, I now revealed to you Frank Abagnale himself. P/S: He is not that bad looking after all. I wonder if he could pull it off as a rockstar. I'm not so sure about the woman beside him, probably his wife.

(Post to you all the way from Germany, by Mrs. Kaulitz)

Twilight Parody Script

I was surfin the utube today looking for a good twilight parody. Then I came across with this one that I'm goin to share with you guys. Its a hillarious one ( people who already watched twilight will get the idea). Its in the forest scene where Bella uncover the truth about Edward.

The Original Dialogue

ella : Your possibly fast and strong. Your skins is pale white and ice cold. Your eyes change color and sometimes you speak like you're from a different time. You never even drink anything. You don't go out in sunlight. How old are you?
Edward : 17
Bella : How long you been 17?
Edward : Awhile
Bella : I know what you are?
Edward : Say it....out loud.
Bella : Vampires
Edward : Answer me the most basic question,what do I eat?
Bella : Blood
Edward : Are you afraid?
Bella : No.

The Parody Dialogue

Bella : Y
our possibly fat and merry, your cheeks are rosy red. I know what you are.
Edward : Say it....out loud.
Bella : Santa
Edward : Ask me the most basic question, what do I eat?
Bella : Milk....and cookies
Edward : Have u been bad this year?
Bella : No...I've been naughty.

(Post to you by Vanya the White Violin)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

An Odyssey to 'Kuala Lumpur'???

Friday 6/2/2009

Everybody was bloody excited to go to Kula Lumpur for free! We, LGB 2A, were invited to attend a ‘majlis kebudayaan’ somewhere in KL. Well, we did not intend to know further about the destination and purpose. All we knew was “we are going to have a free merry ride to KL”. Surely, a bus would be provided…..hurm….

The bus was coming!!! Hooray!!! We were waiting for it with a mountain of patience.

Suddenly, Kak Hanis, the big boss of this journey came with her gloomy red face.

“What’s up?”

“Where is the bus you promised?”

“Is the invitation still valid?”

“Are we really going to KL?”

“I have dressed amazingly and don’t tell me the trip is cancelled!”

These were the questions thrown to Kak Hanis.

“Sorry, it is cancelled”.


What an embarrassment! I did not want to walk back home. What would my housemates say? I would be the laughing stock for the rest of my life!!! The others thought the same.

This was not a statement we waited for! Well, life is all about ups and downs. Every cloud has a silver lining. This could not break our strength of having a fieldtrip. Who cares about the trip to KL anymore? We have other places to go by using our beloved Rapid KL lah!!!! Who cares???!!! We are independent!!! In life, there is always a plan B…..

We ended up by switching our mind to “a journey to Plaza Alam Sentral”.

Here we began!

Alia, Tun, C-Nah, Masitah, Farha, Ain Jannah, Malia, Lat, Azwan, Azrina and me.

We all eleven were waiting for a bus…… it was either UiTM Bus or Rapid KL.

Suddenly, Masitah changed her mind and chose to disjoin the group. She has a meeting to attend tonight, the same meeting as Alia has. We were al

l ten.

After a while, Latfi – our class captain – was surrender. He was too lazy to wait for anymore second. He assumed that the bus wouldn’t be coming. Then he left us after saying “take care”.

Then, Azwan forcefully followed him. Oh, dear! How could you all give up before going to battle?

I also planned to give up. But Tun and Ain wanted to go.

Malia said, “I will wait until 7.30 p.m. only”

However, in returns of our great patience, here the bus came! UiTM bus. It was already 7.20 p.m. after waiting for a half century. “Here we go!”

Lat and Azwan joined us again, as they saw the bus's arrival.

Azrina had done a stunt in the bus. The bus was terribly shaking and so she almost fell down while we were taking pictures. I presume that she might be too exci

ted to be in the picture.

We arrived at PKNS in thirty minutes later. It was already


The first place we headed to was surau. It was already maghrib time.

After that, we continued our journey to Plaza Alam Sentral, which is located behind PKNS.

“Here we are!”

The place was jovially greeting us as it knew that w

e chose it instead of Kuala Lumpur.

We dropped at Speedy to look for CDs. Actually; I was the person who promoted them to go there. I wanted to buy a CD. But it is sold in a set of 3 CDs, for RM10.00. It was stock clearance. I wanted one CD only. So, I persuaded Latfi and Hasinah to buy another two CDs, so that I could have one out of three; with a great price of RM3.33 per CD. Hahaha…..then we bought three CDs and each of us got one. What an amazing pleasure of having friends! People say; “un

ited we strong, divided we weak”.

Do you know what kind of CD we bought? This is my CD. Ask C-Nah and Lat!

Let’s go back to the story. Our stomachs were all singing rock and roll. The journey made us starving. Well, we found a restaurant. I forgot its name, but it is exactly located in front of Bee’s, a bakery. You can see the bakery as you walk into Plaza Alam Sentral using the main entrance, next to Dunkin Donuts. Am I making myself clear? Yes, isn’t it?

Well, we were like a jakun group of kids who were having an outing for the first time. (And surely, the kids are from a sort kindergarten in a secret jungle, in Amazon. Or, they might be from other world in another galaxy).

We sat at one of a pleasant corner. At the moment, Malia and Ain went to ATM machine, withdrawing some money (Unfortunately, both of them refused to treat us). Three tables were combined as we were ten all together. There were no other people in the

restaurant. However, it seemed like there were myriad Orang Utan kids in the restaurant. I did not know what we were talking about. What a noisy place, the restaurant became!

To my horror, the foods we ordered were deliciously expensive. I think, the pans we used were all imported from Italy. They served our food in several little pans. Wow!I don’t think I like it”.

They were all movable! We had to hold the ear of the pans, so we

could eat our food. They were making our meals terrible and hard to

eat. Overall, the foods were appealing. Except for C-nah’s wantan mee. Hahaha….it wasn’t tasty at all! Pity her.

At the same time, we took photographs again and again. Azwan’s face forcefully made us practicing yoga laughter, which was presented by Farha in class, last semester. He looked innocent on all the pictures.

The most unforgettable experience was always on my side. Yes, it was an embarrassing moment indeed. To begin with, I went to the cashier. I have RM90.00 in my hand. We used Alia’s and C-Nah’s money first. Well, the cashier took a long time to count the bill. Never mind, I waited. Then the bill popped out on the screen. It was RM119.53. The money was obviously not enough. Then I took RM20 from C-Nah, assuming that it would be enough. To my embarrassment, the cashier said I needed another RM10. I was not a good Mathematician at the moment. Poor me! Then I went back again to our table and took RM10 note from Lat. “Here I go!”….. It was settled!

Then, we rushed to PKNS bus stop. We were looking for T605. After waiting for decades, we crossed the road and took a bus from the other roadside. We went to Section 2 (bus station) and stayed in the same bus. While waiting for the bus to move and take us home, we took some pictures again! What a happy family!

The bus moved. We went back to Perdana Heights Hostel, keeping a lot of memories in our heart. We arrived exactly at 11.00 o’clock. We happily walked in with a plenty of stories to remember……..

P/s: 0ur pictures will be coming soon!


-the end-

wake up MALAYS!!!!

wake up MALAYS!!! one fine evening, we were supposed to go to kl with kak hanis to attend an event. unfortunately, there was no bus. so, we decided to go to shah alam..we waited for the bus and at 7.30 p.m we were on the bus, heading to shah alam. now, come for the real story. the bus stopped at giant, to pick two girls. they are modern girl. of course i can tell you. from the way they are wearing, they are affected by the undersatnd what i mean by that. and then kak farha and i were speaking in english. to me, it was eaasier to tell something in english. then, we reached pkns. suddenly, azwan told us that the two girls were angry on us because we were using english to speak. she said that we didn't realize that we are malaysians. if those girls are reading this, let me tell you. you said that we are "tak sedar diri" but the thing is , you are the one "tak sedar diri". wearing like a western but admitting that you are malaysian. take a look at yourself before you say anything. even though we used english, but we still know who we are. kak farha wore baju kurung while i was wearing a loose blouse.

then, i remember one thing. one day, my english teacher used to explain this matter in one of her classes.there are two terms which are homophones. "malays" and "malaise". if you want to know what these are,find them in your dictionary. then you know what i mean.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


today i get a new experience in my life. there is a blood donation program in puncak. so, i decided to try to donate my blood. actually i was afraid to do this because I'm afraid with needle. but my housemates encouraged me to donate blood because it is not hurt and we do not know when we have the opportunity like this in the future. so i brave myself to take this challenge and I've made it. i also have learn something today that we have to trust with ourselves because it is our strength to face something that we think it is an obstacles in our life.