Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hey, it's damn dusty here!

The very last entry was from August - that's months ago! But no one's to blame. Despite having 19 so-called-united-members in charge of this blog, only a handful contributed - that's enough to spice up the entries during the heydays back in previous semesters...... oh how i wish i could just turn back time, or have a secret portal in possession so i may return to anytime i want; to laugh again when mr alfred cracked jokes teasing azwan (scuba diver guy as i recall, Wan, please don't be mad! ^^,) when we're all still in puncak perdana (i miss puncak so much!!!), or when the time alia was chased around by that little cat during our pragmatics class, Dr Dina even encouraged the cat to keep chasing alia until she ran outside the class! i laughed to tears, and i know all of us did. I'll cherish all the moments that we've shared, hopefully till the end of time.

Right now, time is something so precious, and a crucially important source we're lacking; as we're now entering the final month of our internship, i know we're all struggling to juggle work, researches, reports and exhaustion at the same time, but hey, we've gone through all of this for 5 times already, why would this last semester be any different? As for me, i'm doing everything i could, until sometimes i did feel it's way beyond my capacity. My research is far from complete; haven't touched a thing on report; log book? still not updated; supervisor's visit to workplace? don't know what the lecturer will ask; workplace supervisor's evaluation? i dare not to think about that!!! oh my, thinking about all of these can make everything simply explode (that's one of the main reasons i can't sleep tonight).
writing is a some kind of therapy for me ( a bit relieved), i need this to face tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. so, this is the end for this entry, i hope i could make time for other posts in the future, hopefully!

I pray for each and everyone of us to complete the practical training successfully and rejoice our victory when the time comes! so, let's keep our head high up in the air (it can also be the sky or cloud if you're head is high enough....just joking! :p) and keep the spirit pumping to keep us going to the very last (last of? the very last of everything we're doing of course!).

Good luck, fellow classmates!!!!!

(p/s: I love you all so much!)


Anonymous said...

love you guys so much!!!!! mmmuah!!!

~epc members~ said...

totally stress doing practical rite now..have nothing to do so decided to move my research little bit..can't wait for 31st mac..but then another stressful thing is waiting..hopefully can finish my final semester in successive way..

Dusty rooms said...

When you are trying to juggle several different tasks at once it can feel overwhelming. However it is important to remember that while the end may not always be in sight, there is an end.

The effort we put in helps to determine what that end will be and whether we will enjoy it.