Saturday, March 6, 2010

Crazy iPhone Applications

Wow, I'm started to make this class blog like my own personal blog aren't I. Neway, today I'm going to talk (or write) about some of the crazy iPhone applications proposal that had been rejected by the company software department due to its unpractical functions. Here are the list of some of the rejected applications:

  • iKnife

How does the app works : The user will click on the iKnife icon on their phone and a tiny blade will come out from the side of the iPhone.

Functions: Very convenience for safety and self-protection against rapist or robber. Its like a portable tiny Rambo knife.

Drawback: If you put your iphone in your pants pocket, there is a tendency where you might accidentally click on the iKnife icon and a tiny blade will cut into your butt or your front thigh depends on where you put your iPhone.

  • iScale

How does the app works: Click on the iScale icon on your iPhone,put the things/person/ or animal that you want to weight on the iPhone wide screen and the apps will measure it for you.

Drawback: It couldn’t support the weight of a full grown man. (Your iPhone will shatter into pieces if you brave enough to weight yourself on it). It could only support the weight of babies from 12 to 18 weeks years old.

  • iBeltBuckle

The apps where the iPhone also works as your belt buckle. Drawback? Really bad fashions sense. Evan Lady Gaga wouldn’t even dare to try it.

  • How deep is the hole? Application

The user would throw their iPhone into a hole and the application will tell you how deep is the hole (in inches, metres, and kilometres). Drawback: There's a tendency where you might not get back your iPhone if it was thrown in a deep hole.

  • iHammer

The applications allow you to use your iPhone as a hammer. It’s like having an iPhone and a portable hammer all in one. Just hit your iPhone on the nails and it will works just like a hammer. Drawback: Be careful enough not to break the iPhone screen.

  • Pregnancy Test Apps

Pee on your iPhone screen, and the app will tell you whether you pregnant or not. Also apply to men who thinks that he might be pregnant.

  • Is it my birthday? Apps

It’s a simple app that will let you know whether today is your birthday or not. It was said to be very convenience for people who had extreme short and long-term memory lost.

Well that’s about it, some of the iPhone applications proposal that had been rejected from the market due to its impracticality. What I don’t understand is how can there still be some ridiculous iPhone apps out there ready to be downloaded. An iPhone app that will show the location of a transvestite person near you? WTF! So tell me, what your craziest idea of an iPhone applications?

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